Planting SOlutions

Enhance your yields with precision ag solutions for planting.

Planter row units designed for high speed and no-till planting, ready for Precision Planting or Ag Leader Technology.

Ultralift Stackfold PLanter

Innovative design capable of industry leading 18” upward flex, bulk fill or seed box on narrow, wide, & twin row spacings and ready for precision & high speed planting.
  • 15”, 20”, 30”, Twin Row & more
  • Integrated Vacuum Ports
  • 3pt hitch
  • External Steel Hydraulic Lines
  • Underslung wing-lift cylinder

UltraplAnt Front Fold Planter

Delivers a higher capacity, high-speed planter frame with revolutionary computer-integrated hydraulics. Offers programmable independent sectional control and the ability to add active hydraulic weight transfer.

  • Highly customizable row spacing: 15”, 20”, 22”, 30”, twin row, etc.
  • Internal vacuum port significantly minimizes external hoses & tubes.
  • External steel hydraulic tubes are easier to service & increase oil cooling.
  • 10’8″ – 13’8″ narrow front-fold transport.
  • Front running or rear running tire configurations
  • Series2 models feature innovative CommandLift™ independent control hydraulic system.

Retrofit Link Arms

The last parallel link arms you’ll ever need with unparelled consistency & durability. Protects precision tech from residue and offers easy cleaning.

  • Laser-cut, high tensile steel construction
  • QuickRelease™ closing wheel mount
  • Hydraulic Down Force-Ready X-Plate
  • Parallel link arms w/ tapered, high-strength polymer bushings
  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment
  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily adjust gauge wheel angle to stay true against disc openers
  • Greaseless lateral adjust on gauge wheel arm
  • Keeton Seed Firmer™ bracket factory installed (as of May 2018)


This electric drive mounts right up to your planter and meter, gaining you consistent meter drive for variable rate, turn compensation and point row shutoff.

Individual Row Section Control
Each SureDrive row also acts as an individual section shut-off, reducing overlap, wasted seed and lodged plants.

Variable Rate or Prescription Based
Easily and effectively vary the population across the whole planter with the hyper-responsive electric SureDrive unit.

Turn Compensation
Avoid overplanting inside rows and underplanting outside rows with turn compensation. SureDrive automatically adjusts meter speed on each row to keep a consistent population around turns, contours and terraces.


This hydraulic downforce with uplift keeps your planter row unit at ideal planting depth, no matter the soil type, conditions or compaction.

Instant Response Time
Instantly responds to changing conditions by adjusting pressure to give each row the exact pressure needed to plant at ideal depth. Replaces manual springs or airbags that have a up to 20 seconds delay in response.

Instantly Apply or Remove Force
Overcome the toughest field conditions with the most powerful downforce system on the market. SureForce instantly provides the necessary downforce to maintain depth in no-till conditions and varying soil types, through heavy residue, and in compacted areas. In areas where the row unit has too much weight, hydraulic uplift prevents sidewall compaction by removing excess weight on the gauge wheels.

Handles All Planting Environments
No matter what your fields throw at you, this system adjusts for varying soil types and conditions, tillage practices, compaction, light soils, weight on planter and more.


Surespeed can accurately place seed at 12 MPH but also at lower speeds. Perfect planting is a priority, speed is a bonus.

Aftermarket Solution
With solutions for various makes and models of box hopper and bulk fill planters, the system was designed to give your planter high accuracy at high speeds.

Singulation & Spacing
Unique meter design and controlled transfer of seeds from meter to delivery device maximizes singulation and ensures perfect spacing at all speeds up to 12mph.

The flighted delivery belt has the lowest release point in the industry for consistent spacing at any speed.

Low maintenance system. No tools required.


Point row clutches such as SureStop and SureVac offer one of the best returns for your precision ag investment. Save seed, save money.

Lower Seed Cost
by eliminating double planting at end rows, point rows and partial swaths.

Increase Yield
by ensuring even spacing and reducing competition between plants.

Increase Productivity
by eliminating the need to slow down to raise/lower the planter at end rows.

Gen3-2020 Monitor

You cannot change what you cannot see. Let the 20/20 system lead you to better decisions as it monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in real-time.


  • Replaces the mechanical drive system, simplifying your planter. A vDrive mounts to each vSet meter and makes each row individually controlled.
  • Allows the seed and insecticide meter to turn off at a boundary or where you have already planted
  • Each meter turns the speed that matches the speed of that row unit, so the plant population is correct on each row of the planter.
  • Each row can change population independently


DeltaForce is an automated row by row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time there is variability in your field, so your crops will thrive for optimal yields.


FurrowJet firms the seed in the trench while placing bands of fertilizer on and near the seed, so early roots can access essential nutrients at the perfect time.

vSet/mSet/eSet Meters

  • vSet meters singulate seeds accurately without any adjustments resulting in perfect seed placement throughout your field
  • mSet is a multi-hybrid planting system that allows you to plant the best hybrid into each area of your field, improving field profitability.
  • The eSet meter is a retrofit system that goes inside of a John Deere vacuum meter and uses a flat disk without cells that are sensitive to seed size and shape, paired with a floating singulator that doesn’t need adjustments.
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