Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – financing is a great way to spread out an investment over several seasons. By avoiding heavy upfront costs, you can keep your cash in your business while you upgrade to the latest technology, all with less hassle.

  • Low-interest rate financing options – Finance your equipment while it pays for itself.
  • Simple, convenient process – Single page application with same day approval.
  • Improve your cash flow – Keep your cash in your business to generate more profit.
  • Preserve your credit – Keep bank lines and other sources of credit free for additional investments.
  • Potential tax benefits – Payments may be deducted as an operating expense.

No payments for 6 months with no money down OR No payments for 12 months with 10% down at the time of purchase

Followed by 3 annual payments at 2.99% US/ 3.99% CA financing*


Spread the Word. Reap the Rewards.

For every referral we receive, we will credit your next bill!

  • $20,000 + = $200 credit
  • $15,000-$20,000 = $150 credit
  • $15,000-$5,000 = $100 credit
  • $5,000 or below = $50 credit

A referral is the highest honor we can receive from a customer, so we just want to say Thank You!

No matter the color of your equipment or the size of your operation, we can setup the right technology for you.

Of course technology will change through the years, but we will still maintain and update your technology as needed.

You will work with your own sales/technician throughout the process. Your technician will get to know you and your operation long term. You will have their cell number to contact anytime for concerns, issues or questions. We are in this together to grow and service your operation.

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