Tile Solutions

Invest in your farm’s future. With use of technology, it provides control and accuracy to confidently install field drainage tile on grade and without complicated laser equipment. Soil-Max® recognizes the vital importance of the laying drain tile so they have paired up with Ag Leader to offer Intelliscope.


With Intellislope and InCommand®, installing field tile is super simple! First, collect a survey of the surface elevation by driving over the path either ahead of time or during installation. Then, enter parameters in the display that ensure tile is placed correctly in order to properly drain soils. Finally use the plan you created to install your tile.

AutoTile will adjust the plow depth automatically to ensure accurate installation.

Pull Type

  • 6.5' working depth
  • Easy single pin connection to hitch
  • Single point hydraulic hook-up to tractor
Proprietary down pressure manifold puts only necessary pressure on the wing wheels, ensuring that pipe being installed in the soil profile is being done correctly and is unaffected by surface conditions.

3 Point

Same as stealth ZD®.
  • 5.5' working depth
  • Easy connecting 3pt in Cat III or Cat IV.
  • Can be used on tractors as small as 20,000 lbs


Manufactured from T1 Steel, allowing twice the tensile strength with half the weight.

  • Needs a minimum of a 8,000 lb tractor
  • Thinner profile shank = easier pulling through the soil
  • 4' maximum working depth

Installation of 2” to 4” tile by changing quick change poly sided boots and shear. Zero deflection produces better grade control with the tile exit point directly below the hinge point of
the pitch plow. Proprietary proportional valve to make crucial incremental adjustments to keep your plow on grade. Poly sides that shed dirt and makes for an easier pull.

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