Data Management

We offer many easy-to-use data management tools that help capture the most of every acre. Precision farming isn’t about spending endless hours crunching numbers and analyzing data. It’s about answering questions that can make a farm more profitable. SMS Software and Agfiniti connects your entire operation including your displays and devices to share your information across your team and advisors.


Agfiniti® connects your entire operation including your displays and devised to share your information across your team including trusted advisors. Access historical and current info for on-the-go decision-making & insights into your fields. Use query tools, and do multi-year analysis and comparison reports.

You’re on the go 24-7, your field information should follow suit. 

Query Fields to Learn More

Analyze yield factors by querying and layering areas of the field to generate simple yield comparison reports.

Do More In-Depth Analysis

AgFiniti integrates with Ag Leader’s robust analysis platform, SMS Software. Data is automatically synced to SMS for further analysis and can easily be shared back to displays through AgFiniti.

Generate Prescriptions

Generate prescriptions in AgFiniti in real-time without having to know how to write an equation or understand soil chemistry. AgFiniti does the work! 

View Displays Remotely

Use AgFiniti to access InCommand displays for calibrating, equipment setup, troubleshooting and more

SMS Management Software

SMS Software supports the majority of precision ag display file types. Powerful tools allow you to field and guidance line management, soil-sampling, prescriptions, tile planning and more. Easily design and validate field tile plans using SMS Advanced.

Create the best tile plan by comparing possible installation options against cost and drainage efficiency. And as an extra precaution, SMS validates tile plan uses grade appropriate for soil texture at intended depth and runs are sized appropriately to meet field drainage needs and alerts you of potential issues.


  • Choose seed based on historic yield performance
  • Create planter performance reports and charts 
  • Satisfy government reporting needs


  • Track variable rate application operations
  • Record application operations record keeping
  • Create variable rate prescriptions


  • Analyze harvest data
  • Discover yield trends using multiple years’ data
  • Create harvest reports and charts or use query tools

Field Stewardship

  • Manage soil sampling
  • Create field tile plans
  • Download soil survey maps and view aerial and road background maps 
  • Plan and document crop plans and practices
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